“RANA, A STREET BOY” ; review on a real story

“Ami rana, gully boy” A heart touching song sang by a street boy named “Rana”.Basically, he even doesn’t know what he is talking about /what is he going to do.
A youtuber & singer whose name is tabib,Just want to express the total situation of street boy from the mouth of one of them & He choose “Rana”.
After singing the song, It just make a hard knock on everyone’s heart.

[Song link click here](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gYTScf3H6A4)

### Who is Rana?

In Dhaka there have thousands of street boys who don’t have any house to live.
Even don’t have enough food to eat.They make their everydays food by working hard/ by begging.
Sometimes, they are working as a cleaner to earn food for themselves.

“Rana” Is one of that street boy.Who didn’t have enough food before singing the song “gully boy 1″.
Though after singing the song he is being famous in Bangladesh.
Now this song is for those who are still a street boy.

### Who is Tabib?
Tabib is basically a youtuber.Who has his own youtube channel.
Tabib is a singer too.Basically he is a ” rap singer”.
He was not in front line before the “Gully boy”.
After releasing this song now “Tabib” is known to most of all in Bangladesh.
He made “gully boy” very first time,but while watching that it has touched the heart of all people, he tried to make again that song wiith “RANA”.
Now, he is in front line in rap song writer and singer in Bangladesh.

### What is the song about / what is the main theme??

“GULLY BOY 3″ is mostly talking about the budget of Bangladesh, about the lacking of education system and also the very important issue is there have a large amount of money for the rich children but where is the money for the poor/street one??!?

They just want to tell that take VAT From the rich man and release the lack of budget and give some money for the street boy’s education.

In this song you can know the basic problem of Bangladeshi people.
Why the riches are being richer day by day??it’s one of the big question in this song.”Rana” just want to have the proper educational facilities for all the street boys who doesn’t have home & enough food in Bangladesh.

### My thoughts & feelings about this song

This is one of the most viewing song in Bangladesh. It has enough courage of talking and the capacity. How he explain the problem of lower people by the street boy was mind blowing.
It has it’s subtitle with the lyrics in common language so that anyone can understand the song easily.
The boy “Rana” makes his attitude and singing style like he is an experience rap singer.

The total lacking of facilities and the lifestyle of Bangladesh he explained is totally same as he said.In Bangladesh every year the amount of budget is increasing but there is nothing for the poor people. The rich are going richer and the poor are being poor day by day.

In this song in one place he has told about “KASHMIR”/The border of India & Pakistan.
I think it is said to explain the total problem of world wide.
KASHMIR is fallen almost in a war in this year,Their lifestyle is poor too.
So, this issue has been bring so that explain the total political & financial problem of the world.

In this song “Rana” explain some tips too do something for the street children. Such as take more “VAT/Tax” From the rich man and the Owner of shopping complex & invest the money for the street children’s education.

I think it is highly necessary in my country Bangladesh and also other country in the world.Because, the rich people doesn’t have any concern about the poor man.
But,They should have enough facilities so that they can learn & they can eat enough food.It is their right to get education.

While watching the video and listening the song, I just can see the whole view of Bangladesh in front of my eyes. It is the real views of Daka that someone is getting facilities more than they need, on the other hand someone doesn’t get a single bread in whole day.
They are eating food from the “Dustbin “.
Yes, eating food from the dustbin has been seen on the road of dhaka several times.

So, this song is just a mirror of the city of dhaka & Bangladesh.
If you guys really have eyes to see,may be the video song will knock on your heart.You may think about the total situation for a single moment.